Authentic Kashmir Chicken Curry - Amaali Spices

Curry, the nations favourite dish, everyone loves a good curry but many of us fear making this delicious, spicy, fragrent food at home. With so many products on the market from pastes to cook in sauces, this has given the consumer the easy option to make curry at home.

However,  with just a little more time and preparation you can make an authentic curry at home that's free of addetives or preservatives and totally off the chart for flavour, in less than an hour. 

How? Let me show you.

Recently I had the pleasure of being introduced, by my sister Sally, to Yazi, owner of Amaali
Sally had told me about this amazing lady who creates her own spice blends by hand using her mums authentic Kashmir recipes, right here in Yorkshire. 

I was blown away to learn that Yazi has worked with world-renowned star Madhur Jaffery who scoured the country for authentic chefs with a passion for food. So impressed with Yazi's skills and traditional family recipes, Yazi was selected to feature on TV show UKTV Good Food Channel

Yazi's passion for her spice mixes are clearly evident as soon as you open the packet. 

The aromas are the freshest I have smelt from a pre packaged spice mix. Ever.
Forget buying lots of different spices and trying to get that flavour of authentic curry, it's all here, loving prepared in precise quantities.

Yazi's spice mixes are also Gluten free and vegan friendly and on another plus not are suitable for diabetics as there are no refined sugars.

As quoted on Yazi's "Basaar Mix" Hand blended in my Yorkshire kitchen using my mum's Kashmir recipes. It takes 18 spices to make my mum's perfect curry. now you can easily create delicious Kashmir dishes at home.

A nice touch is that there's a recipe card included in each pack and for the curry you will need the Garam Masala spice blend also.

For this review I made the curry exactly as per the instruction, only putting one chilli in so that the wife and kids could enjoy also.
My tips for spice strength are as follows
Mild - No fresh chilli
Mild to Medium - 1 fresh chilli
Medium to Hot - 2 fresh chilli's
Hot, how i like it - 2-3 chilli's plus 1/2 teaspoon more of Basaar Mix

I have to say, this is the best curry I've ever had, trust me ask anyone who knows me I've eaten many curries!!
All I will stress is take your time, stir those ingredients and in under an hour you'll have the best curry you've had.

Here are the photos step by step, unedited so you can see the true brilliance of this curry.

I didn't have 3 medium onions and had to use a mixture of white & red onion, but the end result was just amazing. 

Head over to Yazi's website to order these amazing spice blends. Amaali

Chopped Tomatoes, Crushed garlic & ginger, fresh coriander

Diced Chicken Breast

Frying the onions

Adding the Crushed Garlic & Ginger

Adding the chopped fresh tomatoes & 1tsp Garam Masala

Onions & tomatoes nice and soft

Adding Basaar Mix

Sauce becoming maroon colour

Adding the chilli's

Simmering the curry

Adding the fresh coriander

The end result, perfection